A Year Ago

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October And the last webs hang jewelled and useless
Among the leaves and laundry and old grey stone
And the longer we can’t touch
The more our words seek precision
Growing quiet and honest
Where they once were grand and gaudy and overblown

And the things I told you a year ago
When we were talking through the window inside a cloud
They’re still true and they are not and they’re still true and they are not
And they’re still feeling for sunlight, and trying to connect with
Whatever it is that the things you told me a year ago mean now

October And the longed-for rain approaches
But it harrows and lashes and turns to sea
And now it’s got this bad
We catch the edge of a discussion
That used to be silenced
In the circles of politeness and civility

October And I took the boat to meet you
We found an island where we’d been before
And from our frightened outlines
We set new words in motion
All essences and junctions
And our hands can shape each sentence into something more


Released April 1, 2024
Recorded by Helen Bell
Produced and mixed by Xenogon and Helen Bell

Vocals, baritone ukelele, viola, bass, and recorders by Helen Bell


all rights reserved

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