For Sale: Weltmeister FB 26 K Free Bass Accordion - B System



2nd June 2019

Secondhand B system 3 row free bass continental accordion, very little use. This instrument has only been played at home, never gigged. It is being sold because over the few years I've had it I've never found the time to learn to play it as well as I'd like to be able to. (I can play approximately three things on it ...)

It is in great condition - the bellows are still quite tight, no leaks, reeds well in tune. The only cosmetic defect is a small surface scuff and very small dent on the side. It has single reeds and a good clear tone, and is German-made and of excellent quality.

The right hand treble buttons are 3 rows of continental B system. The left hand uses the same system for the bass - it plays single notes, rather than chords.

Small and light (4.8 kg with the straps on, measuring 332 x 182 mm) compared to full-size continental accordions, this model is often used as a learner instrument for young students, or sometimes adults who want to learn continental system without investing in a larger, more expensive instrument.

This instrument is fully chromatic, with 34 treble buttons starting at G below middle C, up to the E two octaves and a sixth above that. The bass buttons cover two octaves and one semitone, from B (an octave and a semitone below middle C) to the C one octave above middle C.

These retail for nearly £1600 new. (See the listing on Thomann UK.) You can read full specifications on the manufacturer's website here.

Included in this sale are the straps and hard case that came with the instrument.

Postage and Payment

UK shipping approx £50, or collect from County Durham. Contact me for overseas shipping quotes.

I can take payment by bank transfer, TransferWise (if outside the UK), cash in person, or PayPal (but will add 5% to the price if PayPal is used, to cover their fees.)


Here's a video I made to demonstrate the sound of this accordion:

I used this accordion on two tracks on my album "Roll as a Hexagon", which you can hear in the players below:


B System 3 Row Accordion


3 Row B System Weltmeister FB 26 K Accordion


Accordion showing scuffed side


Weltmeister FB 26 K in hard case


Weltmeister FB 26 K