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Digital Downloads: More Info

All my digital products are sold through Bandcamp.

Bandcamp is primarily a platform for selling recorded music, but allows the inclusion of "extras", so I sell my sheet music this way: the sheet music is an extra file (a pdf) that comes included in the package, and you also get the audio recordings as a bonus.

This is the case for any of my listings on Bandcamp that include "sheet music" in the title.

How the Download Process Works

Once you've paid through the Bandcamp checkout, the download arrives immediately via a link in your email, which takes you to a webpage from which you download a .zip file containing recordings and digital sheet music.

You'll need to select the audio format regardless of whether you're buying an audio album or sheet music, because the sheet music packages also contain audio -- but if it's sheet music that you've bought, you will get your pdf files too, so you can pick whichever audio format you like and it won't affect your sheet music files.

It's a straightforward process but feel free to contact me if you run into any trouble!