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A completely new version of this song (previously released as part of the EP 'Invisible Threads'). This one has drums and electric guitar and a new bit in the middle.


It crept in, the Septemberlight
Overnight, all visceral rememberlight
All long wet grass and storms
All sparks and apples on the train
Just because the light falls the same way that it did then
Doesn’t mean these things will happen again
Though all your cells are primed
For another of the same

And these days, these minutes, these moons
I can’t even wish that any of it might be undone
Look what velvet we have woven from the wreckage
In an hour round the sun

It crept in, the Novemberlight
Overnight – do you rememberlight?
All fragile on the bridge
Between what was and what became
Just because the leaves move once again from sky to feet
Doesn’t mean we too must play on repeat
What if time has bends
And refraction amends
Expectations of the same?


Released September 2, 2022
Words and music by Helen Bell. Arranged by Helen Bell and Xenogon.

Helen Bell: vocals, piano
Xenogon: drums, bass, electric guitar

Recorded, produced and mixed by Xenogon and Helen Bell


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